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More Than a Video

Our films are pieces of art that will be embedded in your memory, capturing the treasured experiences and perfect details that made your day special.

Amanda + Jeff

Catherine + Jason

Highlight Your Special Day

Our signature wedding packages come standard with a highlighted version of your entire day.

High Quality, No Stress

We coordinate with your venue and vendors so we can all work together to create you the wedding film of your dreams.

Amanda + Connor

Jess + Tom

Julie + Michael

Pamela + Bret

Katelyn + Tony

Lauren + Matt

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Telling Your Love Story is Our Passion

If a photograph is worth 1,000 words, how many words is a film worth? Infinite.

You fiancé just proposed. A rush of adrenaline courses through your body and you feel a sensation of excitement. Love. Happiness. Forever.

When planning your wedding to celebrate this incredible love, couples often start by focusing on the basics: date, location, venue, photography, and music. Couples may initially overlook videography, but including an experienced videographer in your planning is essential to capturing the full experience on the most important day of your lives. Our brides consistently tell us they love their wedding film just as much as their photos, if not more. A great wedding film captures the essence of your day, bottling it up to preserve it forever.

That’s exactly what our films do.

This won’t be an average wedding video that merely records the day. Nope. Not us. We film your wedding day with careful attention to detail, exceptional professionalism, and absolute class. Our award-winning cinematographers create a piece of art that’s much more than a video. Our films will touch your heart and become embedded in your memory because telling your love story through film is our passion.

What our couples have to say:

“Eric and Kelly are absolutely incredible! They do such a great job and go above and beyond. The editing was great quality and really gave a great glimpse into our day. They’re worth every single penny!”

Pamela M.

“Eric and Kelly are amazing! Overlooking a quality wedding film is a regret we didn’t want. They highlighted our day absolutely perfectly. I get emotional every time I watch our film, even years later!”

Julie B.,

“Eric and Kelly are so professional to work with and they are very unobtrusive as well. If you want a team that isn’t going to be in your face with a video camera but give you magnificent footage, these are the people to call!”

Laura P.

“I cried so many times when I watched our wedding film. Tears of joy…happiness…relief knowing that we made the right choice for our wedding video.”

Lauren M.

Let’s make your dreams a reality.



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Hidden Proposals