Who’s behind the lens?

Not one, but two Hartmanns.

What started out as a hobby quickly turned out to be much more than that. In 2012, the newly married husband-wife team started offering portrait, engagement, headshot, and event photography for small business SeaLight Entertainment, which was created by Eric Hartmann in 2002. We expanded the business in 2015 to include cinematic wedding films, which quickly surged in demand and then our full-service photo studio opened up in 2016 in Peapack.

New name, same services.

Goodbye SeaLight Entertainment.

To help better serve our customers and be able to market ourselves in a clearer light, we decided in 2020 to expand our brand family. SeaLight Entertainment was split into two brands: SeaLight Creative and Hartmann Photo & Films. As with most companies, our plans for the rebranding in 2020 got pushed aside, but in 2021 we launched our new websites. Our services and team remain the same so you can be sure you’ll still get a fun, friendly person behind the camera.

Meet the team!

We’re committed to providing you with first-class service.

Eric Hartmann

Lead Photographer and Cinematographer

One of the hardest workers in the room, Eric’s passion for video and photo started when he was just 15. He may not have been the class clown, but he’ll be sure to get you laughing and having fun at your next photo or video session. Lover of fast cars, dogs, wine, bourbon, and his amazing family, Eric heads the team at Hartmann Photo & Films. He’s also probably the biggest Apple nerd you’ll meet. With 2 boys and an adorable dog, he’s married to a beautiful woman who’s been keeping him in line since 2008.

Kelly Hartmann

Photographer and Cinematographer

Completely self-taught, Kelly is one of those people that goes all-in on everything she learns. Photo and video is no exception. In fact, the first wedding video she filmed brought the bride to tears and when we revealed that their wedding was her first time filming, their jaws dropped. Don’t let her height fool you. She’s got a bigger heart and mind than you think. Married to the tall, dark, and handsome guy to her left, Kelly loves spending time with her family, handcrafting homemade gifts, and winning at games.

Olivia Pinciotti

Cinematographer and Drone Operator

At your next celebration, you might get to meet someone who can lift 200lbs straight over her head. Yeah…I’m talking about Olivia. Also self-taught, she’s typically the cinematographer you’ll find at your next birthday or event. When the camera’s rolling, she’ll gather up the kids and have them do something fun for the edit. When she’s not capturing your smiles from the ground or the sky, she’s either lifting at Crossfit or home snuggling with her lovable dog, Cece.

Bailey Hartmann

Creative Director

She may not be able to speak like a human, but that doesn’t stop her from signing off on almost every project. Bailey has graced us with her presence since 2014 and is an invaluable asset to the team. Her natural stress relieving attributes  enjoys running at full speed, freeze-dried turkey hearts, and belly rubs. If she’s not at her desk, you’ll likely find her laying in any nearby sunspot.


Head Sweeper

Do you like dusty floors? We don’t either. Larry joined the team in 2018 after he learned that we needed someone to help keep our floors clean. Named after the infamous Impractical Jokers’ invisible character, if you can’t find Larry, he might be cleaning under the couches. If you don’t where he is, just call out his name.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

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